About us

What we offer?

We offer you a fully equipped apartment with a beautiful sea view from the balcony. Apartment is 15 meters away from the beach. In nearest neighborhood you can find lots of nice restaurants and playing grounds for your children. In apartment up to 5 persons can accommodate in 2+3 combination. We can secure you with a 2 children beds if necessary. As you can see from the pictures in gallery, apartment is equipped with it’s own fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, all the dishes and dinner sets included, cooker, fridge, freezer), toilette with shower, balcony with outside chairs and table looking at the sea, air conditioning, clothes washing machine, dining table, LCD TV, free Wi-Fi Internet access, reserved parking place in front of the apartment and lots of other things.

The Champions of Small

What’s so special about small? In a world where everything’s getting bigger, bolder we seek out the little gems that offer genuine, one-of-a-kind experiences. And that experience is rest and enjoy.

What makes us unique?

We carefully select our offer to meet guests  individuality, quirks and character, but also make sure they are of a consistently high standard. We don’t settle for ‘so so’. And we’re only satisfied if you are.

Where we are?

Our accommodation is placed in Gradac, a little place on a Croatian side of Adriatic coast. Gradac is the administrative and tourist center of the Riviera with the most beautiful and the longest beaches. Tradition of Gradac’s tourist offer secured that tourism is developing rapidly in this part of the Riviera where one can find a stretch of hotels and catering contents, and of course the center of entertainment and night life.

If you are asking for a special detail connected to the experience of Gradac Riviera, it’s hard to decide between geographical relief specificities that made possible for the sun to hide behind a hill after its first sunrise, so it could rise for the second time on the same morning, or even seven springs of high quality drinking water that mixes with underground streams in the sea into a medicinal mixture which used to bring legendary queen Teuta to take her baths here.
Or is the most impressive detail a ten kilometer long stretch of pebble beaches that hug the big blueness along 16 kilometers of shoreline, or some of 36 so similar, yet s specific pebble beaches of Gradac Riviera?
Direct personal experience of nature, mild climate, and clear sea of exceptional transparency will attract some tourists, while others will come because of the preserve tradition and indigenous customs of this coastal region. We let you choose…



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